SDCC: Cat’s Schedule

I’ve spent the weekend making my peace with the SDCC schedule. So, here is a bit of a glimpse of panels I am aiming to get into and, of course, report back on. As well as some of my off site/evening activities. I’m a tv geek, so my goal is to hit as many panels for my favorites and pilot screenings as I can.

Thursday: I’m spending the whole day in Ballroom 20 (one of the largest panel rooms.) The first few panels don’t hold much interest for me, but in order to be there for the ones I like, I gotta be in there first thing.  Panels I’ll be awake for:

  • Scorpion (pilot screening)
  • Community
  • Hannibal
  • Penny Dreadful

Offsite: We’ve got tickets to the San Diego Symphony doing “Video Games Live!”  This is an outdoor performance right behind the convention center.

Friday: *sigh* This day is paining me. I want to spend the morning in the exhibit hall so I will be skipping the iZombie screening and my precious Vikings. Instead I am aiming for at least a handful of the following:

  • Wayward Pines (pilot screening)
  • Assassins Creed Unity Demo/Q&A (I’m quite interested in how this Q&A will go.)
  • The 100
  • Sleeping Hollow
  • Intruders (pilot screening)

Offsite: I’ve got tickets to @midnight live Friday night! Chris Hardwick will host but I have no idea who the guests will be yet.

Saturday:  I’m going to hit as many off site experiences and do more exhibit hall wandering until the afternoon. Aiming for:

  • Ascension (pilot screening, might miss because of off site stuff)
  • Constantine (pilot screening)
  • American Horror Story: Coven

(Warner Brothers is doing a big DC Comics tv thing Saturday night but I’m going to pass. I think it will be easy to get into, but it runs to 11pm and I’d like to give myself some downtime. So, I won’t be reporting in on Arrow, Flash or Gotham most likely. But we’ll see how our energy is that evening!)

Sunday: The lack of Doctor Who has made this a pretty easy day. I’ll be hitting Supernatural first thing in the morning. We might not even need to camp out for this as we’ve done previously. I think I’ll just show up at 3 or 4am and see how it goes. There’s a panel for The Strain that afternoon that I might attempt, but I’m gonna relax and enjoy the Gaslamp district for a while.

But, I am going to hit the “Full time work on a part time schedule” panel around 4pm. Clearly, I need some help managing my blogging time.

There are several panels that are to focus on women in comics/stories/etc and, obviously, I’d love to go to them, but they’re all over the place time and space wise. I’m going to focus on what kind of representation is happening in current and upcoming tv shows. My expectations are low. Very low.

That’s it for official SDCC programs. There will be TONS of off site experiences brought by all the big studios. Assassin’s Creed obstacle course, Gotham zipline, Borderlands laser tag, Sleepy Hollow Oculus Rift thingie (idk), and much more!  I’m going to hit everything I possibly can get to without bending time and space! 



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