“Tooth and Claw” Chapter 6 Review

I suppose I’ve given up on making my videos visually presentable – I’ve been having difficulties in recording videos longer than 15 minutes, and it’s just more comfortable for me to sit on the couch.  This means I have computer screen reflected in my glasses and it looks weird.  But it’s the words that are important.

Hats are very important.

Hats are very important.

The Importance of Hats

I’ll bet you didn’t know that dragons wore hats, or that they were important, did you?  Hats are basically the most practical item of clothing for a dragon to wear, and of course the more expensive the hat, the better status symbol it makes.  As Avan muses, rules about hats are more relaxed in the country, as hats are generally only “required” for church attendance, but in Irieth it’s impossible to be seen as a dragon of status without one.  Sebeth and Avan plan out the day in vague terms while choosing hats, and Avan discloses his intention to visit his attorney, Hathor.  Avan’s inheritance isn’t safe within his quarters, and he’d do better to invest it anyway.  Sebeth points out that he won’t be able to do anything with it if he squanders it all on a lawsuit he may lose, but Avan remains undeterred.

Extended Claws

I like the little moment we have when Avan is flying towards Hathor’s office, thinking that if he were a dragon that had to survive on size, strength and claws alone, he wouldn’t be too shabby at it.  When he reaches his attorney’s office he runs into the Exalted Rimalin, who hints around about an investment opportunity and invites Avan to stay with him and his wife in their country demense.  Avan is surprised to get this invitation, but accepts it.  They also catch a glimpse of Respected Gelener Telstie, the maiden that Exalt Benandi has picked out for her son Sher.  Were she and her mother making dowry arrangements?

Office Politics

Avan’s plan to arrive fashionably late at the office means that his timing is perfect to interrupt his co-worker Kest in harassing Sebeth.  V— is a bad word for female dragons, and Kest has no problem using it to address Sebeth because of her “ruined” and not-respectable character.  Sebeth’s sass gives me life, especially considering that Kest is almost twice as big as she is, but Avan steps in after hearing Kest say the V-Word.  Avan basically wipes the floor with him, but he yields immediately and shows Avan enough submission to escape with his life.  Sebeth reveals that Kest often pesters her to do his copying, and is really gross about it, and Avan basically institutes an anti-harassment of Sebeth policy right then and there.

It’s a good thing Liralen missed all of the excitement, because the old dragon is ready for retirement and has very decided opinions about dragons that kill each other for promotions.  He gives Avan an important and relatively secret job regarding building plans for the Skamble, which is basically the slum part of Irieth.

A Second Confession

Sebeth isn’t even accepted as an equal among her fellow clerks, who she passes in the street.  Her coloring without being betrothed is there for all to see, and the people who know she is not a bride do not consider her to be respectable.  She makes her way toward the Skamble and enters a church of the Old Believers.  If you remember from the first chapter, when Penn was shocked at the idea of Bon wishing to confess to him, you’ll also remember that the modern church has disavowed the sacrament of confession, and dragons who practice it are also not respectable.  I can see how Sebeth would feel more welcome there than at any modern church.  Another interesting thing to note is the depiction of the gods on the walls of the church.  Jurale and Veld are dragons, as always, but Camran is depicted as a Yarge (human).  And not just as a metaphor – the Old Believers think that Camran really is/was a Yarge.  Blasphemous.

Sebeth confesses to Blessed Calien, and he forgives her for living in sin with Avan and of enjoying it when Avan kicked Kest’s ass all over the office.  She also tells him everything she knows about the plans Avan is reviewing about building in the Skamble, and Calien instructs her to keep passing information to him.

Chapter 6, Video 1

Chapter 6, Video 2

Chapter 6, Video 3

Chapter 6, Video 4


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